Life Activation

Take the 1st Step on your Path of self-empowerment

Activate your physical and spiritual DNA and align with your True Purpose

The Life Activation is an ancient, powerful healing modality that can transform you on an emotional, energetic, mental and physical level.

The Life Activation helps you find the keys that will unlock the doors to the knowledge that is hidden deep within you, allowing you to discover and harness your purpose, your potential and your power.

This time tested healing, has inspired people to blast through their blocks, to achieve success and balance in their daily lives.
The Life Activation infuses the body with pure light, which can, in turn, move quickly and effectively through blocks, negative patterns, and areas of weakness to assist you in achieving better lifestyle, work and personal choices, to regain control of your life and step into your power.

Session Includes:

• Crown Cap Removal – opening you up to a complete flow of light
• Central Core Balancing
• 16 Lotus Petal Awakening – balancing and strengthening the elemental energies of Earth, Water, Air and Fire
• Elemental and Magnetic Line Balancing
• Chakra Balancing
• Negative Crystal Remova l
• Life Activation

The Life Activation is the first step on the path of Knowing Thyself! It is a truly empowering experience. It has helped transform so many people’s lives, as well as my own, for the better and I look forward to working with you if you feel this is the path for you!

Investment: £200

Please allow at least 2 hours for this session.

If you are ready to Activate Your Life call me on 07714329209 for your free consultation.