7 Great Mystery Schools

Connect with the energy, purpose and power of these ancient Mystery Schools

Since the beginning of what we call humanity, the most powerful knowledge and tools for human life have been shared through
oral traditions all over the world.

Originally, this information was widely known by all, and lived in daily life. Sadly, as human life evolved in complexity from tribes into “civilizations,” this knowledge became threatened and those that had the task of protecting it took it underground to preserve its purity and lineage. There it remained, being shared in secret, waiting for humanity to once again be ready to embrace the truth of our own power, divinity and noble purpose.

During the class you will be introduced to the 7 Mystery Schools; revealing their home country and their primary mission of service for the planet. You will experience the energy of the different schools and their role for the planet, through music, meditation and ancient ceremony or ritual from each school’s tradition. This is a very special class so come and open the doors to hidden knowledge!

Investment: £65

Pre-requisites: None