Welcome to Activate Your Life

The Path of Spiritual Self Mastery

What if I told you that all the keys to assist you in manifesting the best life
possible were buried deep inside of you… Would you be curious to find out

The 1st Step

Start this process of self-discovery with the Life Activation healing modality. This is an ancient, tried and tested process, that sets the foundation stone in place to create a deeper understanding of who you truly are.  This process often has a domino effect. Once you start the process you want to discover more…

The 2nd Step

This 2 day transformational class gives you powerful tools you can use at any time, in any place to increase your energy, raise the vibration of the room you are in and protect you at the deepest level. The initiation you receive at the end of the class seals you in the light and raises your energy tenfold which in turns has a positive effect on everyone you meet. This class is the foundation stone for building a strong, successful and abundant life and enables you to attend higher teachings within the Mystery School tradition.

Your journey has only just begun!

Once you have received Empower Thyself Initiation, you are an Adept in the Lineage of King Salomon
and a whole path of transformation, Magick and service is open to you!
Download the Path to Progression illustration here.

Are you Ready to Activate your Life…


About Myself

My name is Sophia, and I am a Healer and Teacher

My passion is helping my clients reach their full potential. It is a huge honour to witness their progression; to see them fulfilling their dreams
and understanding their true purpose in Life through the healings and classes I offer with the Modern Mystery School.


S.d.S.G. London

“Sophia is an incredibly caring, capable, professional therapist. She possesses amazing empathy and listening abilities which she is able to use in a truly transformative way to help people be the best that they can be. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

S.M. London

“I just wanted to thank you so much with all my heart and soul for yesterday... That was one of the most profound days ever on my path of glory. The power and energy surging through my body today is unbelievable”

B.D. London

... I have been feeling great since the Life Activation. Emotionally I am in a much better place. I definitely feel more positive and feel calmer as a person. Thanks again...

P.R. London

...working with Sophia has brought many positive changes in my life and self. I am more spiritually aware, calm and confident and have attracted many great and positive things into my life. I believe she was born to help people be the best version of themselves...

S.M London

...What an awesome session Sophia, and I know this is only the first 24 hrs so I can't imagine what's going to happen as the energy fully integrates... I'm feeling pretty amazing & most importantly my head feels clear. Thank you so much for a fun session, absolutely loved it, so potent & can't wait for part 2 ...

C.M London

I just wanted to thank you for an incredible session last week. I already feel such peace and stillness, the anxiety and fear of living is gone and I feel so joyful and free with the knowledge and certainty that all is well, and will be well. What you do is such a gift to the world

B.S. London

...Thank you Sophia for hosting such a personal workshop and wonderful opportunity for us with the Sacred Geometry Class...

S.R. Exeter

...The most significant change I have found since my activation is how I feel and how I am viewing life. I feel radiant, full of energy and I am no longer looking through a pin-hole, instead I can see the horizon, an overview of my life's opportunities. ...

The Isis healing with Sophia came just at the right time in my life! I had gone through many shifts and this healing felt like a complete cleansing of the past, a letting go of what no longer needs to be there and a new beginning, fresh and clean! Apparently, this gives you a whole new emotional body. I did feel a little emotional for a couple of days after, like a cleansing was occurring but then feeling much stronger, and able to get on with things and accomplish tasks with a new lightness. The healing itself is very beautiful and I really felt that we had connected with a powerful and ancient goddess! Sophia is such a reassuring and grounded healer, she has the ability to bring the extraordinary into this ordinary world as if it were the most normal thing! Her voice is very beautiful and takes you to another time! This healing is definitely going to become part of my regular spiritual detox plan!! I also feel connected to this powerful feminine force and I feel stronger in myself too! Thank you Sophia for this great experience!